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Nutty Me

I'm a serial small-space nester. By my last count, I’ve lived in a dozen pocket-sized spaces. I am not a professional decorator (by day, I am a mild-mannered TV producer) but a true design enthusiast. Each apartment along the way has become a personal decorating lab where I’ve created and road-tested posh, portable and affordable ways to live large and proud in my petite pad. I am thrilled to share DIY projects, room makeovers and tips with you that have helped me to live happy and well in my nutshell.

Below are some of the nutshell-isms that are the heart and soul of this site and my greatest hope is that you will be inspired to try something new and to design “out of the box” …even when you live in one!

  • Good design takes courage. There are no rules. Go with your gut and just give it a whirl. It’s when you break the rules that something interesting happens.

  • Don’t be size-ist with your space. Just because you live in tight quarters does not mean you can’t decorate with over-sized prints, jumbo mirrors or bold colors.

  • Delight, dazzle and divert with accessories, colors and finishes that are so original, thoughtful, luxurious, even outrageous that no one will notice you live in a shoebox.

Thank you so much for visiting my site. I hope it is the start of a long and beautiful friendship.

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