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7_weather stripping frame

Get Original With Art

Real, original art in any of its forms makes any small home live large. This oversized watercolor painting is by artist, Emily Redd. I was immediately drawn to the rich, dark colors in the painting and for many years it hung proudly in my NYC foyer. Its large scale tricks the eye into seeing the foyer as larger than it really is. It makes a grand statement right when you come in the door. For extra-large DIY art frames to match, that won’t break the bank, check out this project.

Fireplace Painting copy

A second Emily Redd painting, a self-portrait, is displayed over the fireplace in my beach cottage in Souther California. Moving back to California after living in New York for over 20 years made me feel a bit topsy-turvy,  but once I starting unpacking and hung this painting, I felt at home once again. It is like being reunited with an old, faithful friend.

Where to Find Art Bargains

I learned quickly that acquiring original art does not have to be the price of a mortgage or car loan. Original photography and paintings can be the same price as poster art and prints found at big box stores. Plus, I love the idea of supporting an independent artist around the world. You can find a large selection of art at  and Give it a whirl!