Warming Up a Small Space with Felt

Cropped Pendant Shade

Falling in Love with Felt

My love affair with felt started in the 4th grade when I went to a school fair. There was enough money in my pocket to buy a little handmade felt owl magnet. I remember examining every handstitch and thinking that it was so perfect and soft. How did they get the edges to not fray? It’s the magic of felt. It’s no surprise that it has become a favorite material for me to work with. From a lampshade in the foyer to custom felt appliqué pillows, layering a petite space with a touch of handmade felt brings warmth and unique beauty to a home.

2_cashmere pillows_detail

Felt Trends

Style forecasters have been signaling the felt trend for interior design and fashion for the past few years now, and it has inspired me to become a little bit more adventurous with the material.

Photo3LilyYoungFeltSculpture - Warming Up a Small Space with Felt

Lily Yung’s amazing modern sculptures and wall hangings are all made from cut felt. I thought it would be a challenging future project to take strips of wool felt and weave them into a wall hanging and use it as a room divider.

Photo4DieCutfelt - Warming Up a Small Space with Felt

Check out etsy.com for an affordable way to get custom die-cut felt shapes like circles, flowers, hearts and of course, butterflies. With Jack Frost ready to nip our noses, add some felt to your little nest for that extra layer of coziness we’re all looking for this time of year.