Wallpaper Unplugged

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The World of Wallpaper

The world of wallpaper is a glorious place to be. The patterns and colors of wallpaper expand the design possibilities of any space. But installation can get pricey. If you live in a rental, it’s hard to justify the cost or get permission from the landlord to permanently install papers to the wall.

Hanging Wallpaper Without Adhesives

Hanging wallpaper freestyle, draped down a wall, from a closet door or along the side of a bookcase, can feign the look of a wallpapered corner. The vivid designs and colors can hang as art on a wall.


Here’s a sneak peek of an easy-as-pie project you’ll find in my book, Living in a Nutshell.

7_faux wallpaper_detail2

• Hang two rolls of Cameo wallpaper from Anthropologie from two large bulldog clips (3″) found at any office supply store. Silver thumbtacks hold the clips in place without leaving a big hole.

Large Bulldog Clip

• Hang two pieces of contrasting French grosgrain ribbon down the front of the wallpaper roll.  One ribbon falls on the left and the other on the right side of the wallpaper front.

• Roll up the bottom of the wallpaper and use paper clips or clothespins to hold paper in place.

• Attach a shorter piece of ribbon to the wall with a small tack or gaffers tape behind the paper. Place ribbon about 12″ above the bottom of the rolled up paper.

• Tie front ribbons to the ribbons on the back of the wall to cradle the rolled up bottom of the paper. Remove paper clips and clothespins.

The wallpaper decorates a plain wall going up the stairs and can be taken with you onto your next house journey. Give it a whirl.

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