Vintage Girl Scout Tin: Kitschy Bathroom Storage

vintage girl scout and boy scout

Vintage Scout Tin Storage

Scout’s honor! You’ll get a special badge for creativity if you use vintage Boy and Girl Scout first aid tins as whimsical bathroom storage. Raising daughters in a foreign land, my Korean mother never let us join the Girl Scouts. Something about pushing little girls to sell cookies door to door did not sit well with her. Regardless, my fascination with the badges, uniforms and first aid tins only grew as I got older.

Girl Scout Tin

How-To’s and Tips

• I bought this tin, which dates around 1955, from eBay for about $12. You can also find them at The vintage Boy Scout Tins look kitschy cute too.

Vintage Boy Scout Tin

• Add Command Brand Removable Adhesive Strips on the back of the tin and affix to the bathroom wall.  It is the perfect box to hide go-to nail polish and lipgloss.

• Glue a small craft mirror inside the lid so you can do a last minute lipstick check before you leave for the day.

Open Girl Scout Tin

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