Vintage Frame of Mind: Wallpaper Mats

DIY Picture Frame Mat

Custom details layered throughout a petite space distracts the eye away from a small, compact floor plan. A DIY picture frame mat cut from vintage wallpaper elevates  a pair of humble oil paintings.

DIY Picture Mat

I have been a collector of vintage wallpaper, mostly from the 40s and 50s, for many years. Some paper remnants have become too delicate to install on a wall but are ideal for custom picture frame mats and smaller decoupage projects. I found these two original, vintage paintings (circa 1940) from HawkArtCo and because of their odd sizes, I ordered white custom cut mats online from ArtToFrame.

Vintage Wallpaper Roll

vintage mat frame 2 - Vintage Frame of Mind: Wallpaper Mats

Cut paper carefully to fit the mat. Then use spray adhesive mount to adhere the paper to the front of the mat board. I refurbished gold flea market picture frames with a vibrant coat of green Annie Sloan chalk paint in the color called Antibes. Once the paint is dry, use a fine paper (grade 400+) and sand off the paint in a few key spots to let the gold peek through. Finish by rubbing on a thin layer of dark wax for added depth and the look of an aged patina.

Vintage Wallpaper Mat Frame

DIY Vintage Wallpaper Mat

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