Vintage Chandelier Make-Under

Vintage Chandelier Make-Under

It’s hard for me to resist decorating a bedroom with a chandelier, especially one that is passed down from someone I adore (thanks, mom). The problem is that the original gilded chandelier, dripping with luxurious crystals, was too formal for the relaxed, laid-back vibe of my SoCal beach cottage. This project calls for a vintage chandelier make-under.

Here is the original chandelier from the 1950s that was collecting dust in my mother’s garage. Great bones, I know!

Vintage Gold Chandelier

The first phase of the transformation is painting the gold metal frame with a layer of grey-taupe chalk paint for that matte look, topped with a thin layer of off-white chalk paint. I like to water down the paint a little so it is less opaque and easier to distress with fine sandpaper once the layers dry.

Materials Chandelier

While the chandelier frame dries, paint craft wooden balls to match in several sizes. Use sandpaper to reveal some of the natural wood grain underneath for a weathered patina.  String beaded garlands together with simple garden twine leaving 5-6 inches of extra salvage on both sides. I used smaller beads for the top of the chandelier and larger ones for the bottom. Tie the garlands through the holes pre-drilled for the original crystal drops and secure them with a simple knot and bow.  The natural color of the twine bows add a little rustic whimsy to the chandelier.

DIY Wood Bead Chandelier

Beeswax Candle Sleeves

For a finishing touch,  candelabra sleeves made out of honeycomb beeswax in an antique light-bronze color tie the entire look together.