Two Sheets to … the Window

Balloon Shade Cropped

I love the look and drape of a balloon window shade, but when you live in a rental you don’t want to spend a lot on curtains if you know you’ll just move to a new space with completely different window requirements. My solution was to create fabric shades out of inexpensive fitted-sheets for my current small digs.

Sheet Set - Two Sheets to ... the Window

I bought two sheet sets at Home Goods for $19.99 with the perfect green trellis design I was looking for. I couldn’t believe my luck! Measure your windows. Mine are 70” tall x 41” wide. One fitted- twin sheet is about 80” long and 40” wide so I used one fitted-sheet per window. A queen fitted-sheet measures about 80” long and 60” wide. You can usually get two window shades out of one fitted-queen.

Cut off the top of the sheet and sew a finished hem leaving room for the curtain rod. I used two rows of green grosgrain ribbon for each shade to tie it all together.

I am just crazy about the finished look. Chic, cheap and cheerful!