Trophy Tops: DIY Wall Hooks

Photo 1 Trophy Heads Revised - Trophy Tops: DIY Wall Hooks

My slowly growing vintage trophy collection made me look at these inexpensive plastic diving trophy tops in a whole new light. With dwindling square inches in my space, flipping these divers into removable tie and scarf hooks keep things organized and out in the open.

Rosa Mexicano NYC Lobby

Rosa Mexicano NYC Lobby

Inspiration With a Side of Guacamole

In the lobby of a favorite Mexican restaurant called Rosa Mexicano near New York City’s Lincoln Center, you’ll be greeted by a fountain wall of ceramic divers. I stored that design idea in the back of my mind until now.

Trophy Hook DIY Hack

Spray paint the trophy heads a glossy white or in this case, a shiny turquoise. For some reason the color makes them look like sculpture. Cut a round piece of cardboard to finish off the open base of the trophy head. Glue the cardboard to the base and let dry.

Photo 2 Keyhole - Trophy Tops: DIY Wall Hooks

Glue a flathole keyhole picture hanger onto the trophy base. A simple flathead screw in the wall clicks into the picture hanger.

Your new diver hooks hold scarves, ties, necklaces, and lightweight handbags with a sense of cool panache.  My friend installed a collection of these on a bathroom wall, painted in white to hold guest hand towels. Love it!