The Moorish, the Merrier

8_pearlescent paintHere is a sneak peek at some of the early décor prep I am doing on my little niece’s bedroom. I wanted to give the walls the look of faded wallpaper but was working on a slim budget.

I fell in love with this Moorish trellis stencil and decided it would look perfect in a gray taupe color. To make the bedroom feel cozy and serene, the gray taupe provides a subtle contrast to the lavender base coat on the walls.

Photo2Stencil - The Moorish, the Merrier

I am not going to lie. Just stenciling two large walls took me three days. It helps to order two stencils so there is always a clean one waiting in the wings. Once I got the rhythm of the stenciling down, the second wall went much quicker. But looking at the finished walls in the room made it all worth it.

If you are thinking of stenciling a wall in your home, make sure your base coat is a matte finish like an eggshell or satin paint. I was working on a semi-gloss basecoat and the stenciling didn’t adhere as well—a bit too slippery of a surface to paint on.

Stay tuned for more petite posh design ideas coming soon!