Style Reflection

Photo 1 Mirror Bookshelf - Style Reflection

Radiating a little extra shine and shimmer into a small space really helps to distract the eye from a room’s shortcomings. Recently, I lined the back of a plain bookshelf with a mirror and metallic wallpaper, which maximizes the limited amount of sunlight that comes from the apartment’s only window.

Take a trip to Ikea and you’ll find a wide selection of plain, frameless mirrors that can be easily leaned against the backs of bookshelves. Don’t worry if the mirror doesn’t completely cover the backs of the bookshelf. A collection of different sizes on a shelf will also make a shimmering style statement.

I also like these self-adhesive mirrors from Target. For $12.99 you get a set of three mirror tiles that would dress up any “Plain Jane” bookshelf.  Lining just the upper-half of the bookshelf will give the eye a place to rest and will allow your favorite books to take the spotlight.