Stumped for Succulents

Tree Stump Succuelnts

If you’re lucky enough to take guardianship of a petite garden, chances are you’ll inherit a few tree stumps along the way. When I moved into my beach cottage, there was a very large, ugly stump taking up a lot of space at the end of a walking path.

Above Stump View - Stumped for Succulents

The wood was old but still pretty hard to drill so I thought succulents, with their shallow root system, could make a grow of it from the top. If you love succulents like I do, check out these other small-space DIY garden projects.

Succulent Bunch - Stumped for Succulents

Closeup Succulents - Stumped for Succulents

An old pick axe and a chisel were my tools of choice.  My goal was to carve out a few holes that were at least three and a half inches deep. Some holes will be easier to dig than others so be patient if you make this your next garden project.

Chisels - Stumped for Succulents

I drilled a few extra drainage holes at the bottom of each carved niche. Use a potting soil formulated for cactus and succulents and plant your favorite arrangement of succulents.

It’s been a few months and the plants are thriving and really look beautiful. What a clever way to maximize every inch of green space without spending to much green. Enjoy!