Closet Case: Storing Folding Chairs


Folding Chair Storage

Maximize Closet Real Estate

Tired of jockeying for storage space in an already jam-packed closet? Serial small-space nesters (like me) stash away a few extra guest chairs in their petite abode. But with very little  storage space under the bed or in closets,  what’s a girl who likes to entertain to do?

Collapsed Chair Storage

Hang a Chair As Garment Rack

When not in use, hang a folding chair with the seat either open or closed onto over-the-door closet hooks (removable, of course) to double as a clothing rack. Add a few utility s-hooks or snap-on hooks to the stretcher bars of the chair for an added storage layer. Hang purses, scarves and hats on the hooks so you can see everything you have. There is also a seat-shelf to keep bulky folded sweaters and sweatshirts neatly stacked. If duty calls, chairs are ready to hit the floor and work the room at a moment’s notice!