Spring Garlands

Photo 1 wide beauty kitchen - Spring Garlands

I always push myself to adopt a “use what you have” design mentality. I had an old clamp light in my closet and part of a silver metal garland designed by one of my faves, Tord Boontje. You can find his light garlands in bronze and silver for a good price at lamplust.com

Photo 3 Garland - Spring Garlands

My friend had a horrible light fixture in her kitchen rental and didn’t want to spend a lot on a light that she would have to leave behind. I adapted the metal shade from the clamp light and placed it over the hanging lightbulb. Because metal shouldn’t touch metal directly, I used a rubber washer between the lightbulb and where the metal shade touched.

Photo 4Clamplight - Spring Garlands

I draped the shade with the metal garland, which bends easily into any shape you need. It adds just the right touch of whimsy to her kitchen and she can actually take it with her when she moves on.