Going Bananas: Skinny Hanging Fruit Holders

Living in a Nutshell Banana Holder

Cheeky Monkey Banana Holder

Many years ago, I was gifted this cheeky monkey banana holder by a chef in Chicago. He served a yummy banana cream pie on it in his restaurant. It is the ideal gift for me since I rarely go a day without eating a banana.

Skinny Hanging Fruit Solutions

When you have a small kitchen like mine, here are some of my top picks for chic and smart hanging fruit solutions. They look stylish with or without fruit :

Hanging Monkey Banana Holder

Remember playing with a Barrel of Monkeys when you were younger? I love this hanging monkey banana holder that maximizes vertical space in your kitchen.

Banana Circle Holder

This slim, circular banana and fruit holder must be a feng shui DO with its smooth, harmonious shape. Made from gorgeous mahogany wood, designed by Helena Schepens.

David Legg Fruit Basket

Sculptural and beautiful enough to stand alone when empty, I “heart” this bamboo fruit basket designed by Douglas Legg.

Wine Rack Fruit Holder

Here’s the perfect pairing of wine with fruit…in ceramic. Makes me think about repurposing my acrylic wine rack as a fruit holder when my wine stash runs low.