What’s Your Shoe Number? Try This Storage Ottoman

Photo 1 Shoe Ottoman - What's Your Shoe Number? Try This Storage Ottoman

Shoe Honesty

For some women, to fully disclose the number of shoes in your closet, under your bed and hanging on the back of the bedroom door is as unnerving as owning up to the number of people you’ve slept with.

I am honest about my love of shoes and my undying search for storage solutions that perform double-duty while keeping a stylish yet “petite” profile when space is at a premium.

Shoe Ottoman Closed

Shoe Ottoman Closed

Shoe Ottoman

This chic storage ottoman is my inspiration piece by Lilly Pulitzer sold through Neiman Marcus with a hefty price tag of $999. It measures 36” in diameter and holds 16 pairs of shoes. It would take up too much floor space in my apartment not to mention putting a squeeze on the old bank account. I decided on going another route.

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Cheap and Cheerful Shoe Ottoman

I ordered this gray tufted-storage ottoman from Wayfair and with free shipping bought it for $149. It is only 21” in diameter so it can fit in a tight corner near the living room sofa.

Screen Shot 2017 11 13 at 12.07.31 PM - What's Your Shoe Number? Try This Storage Ottoman

The game plan is to line the inside of the ottoman with this hanging canvas shoe organizer that I will cut and stack horizontally. I like the black piping which references the piping on the outside of the ottoman.  I’ll attach the pieces with Velcro so I can easily clean or replace the shoe pockets.

Stay tuned for the big reveal next week!

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