Shade to Go

Cropped Yellow Pendant LampEven in if you live in a postage stamp-sized nutshell, good lighting is essential. The first layer of light I like to create is a soft fill light—basically any light source you direct from above to bounce off the ceiling to lighten the dark areas of your space.

My challenge has always been to invest in lighting that I can take with me and that won’t require a heavy installation of any kind. I recently had a custom shade made by Studio Jota at that fit the bill on all counts.

Studio Jota has the colors and fabric patterns that I think are modern and fresh and the prices were incredibly reasonable for a shade made just for my space. I chose to go with the double-shade with yellow Ikat dots fabric. They can make a pendant lamp into a plug-in light so it can easily hang it from a ceiling hook. Just unplug it from the outlet and take it with you when you move on to greener pastures.

Photo 2 Hook - Shade to Go

I inserted a self-drilling drywall anchor into the ceiling and then screwed in a white cup hook available at any hardware store. Don’t think you can skip this step. The hook alone without an anchor will quickly loosen its grip from the ceiling. I wasn’t worried about the lamp cord showing and plugged it into a dimmer switch so I could control the mood of the space at my fingertips.

The pendant lamp sets the right ambiance for this little reading corner and it gives me a piece of mind knowing that it can travel wherever my next nutshell will be.