Rockin’ Rotating Storage: Go Vertical

Ikea Rotating Bathroom Shelf

Closed Ikea Rotating Bathroom Shelf

Closed Mirrored Cabinet

If you only have 10 inches to spare in your bathroom for storage, you’ve hit the jackpot with Ikea’s Stolmen Rotating Mirrored Cabinet.

The cabinet rotates easily to expose the mirror side or to gain access to your boudoir must-haves. When you live in tight quarters, maximizing vertical storage potential is critical.

The cabinet measures 10″ wide x 39 1/2″ tall  and sticks out from the wall about 10″. You’ll need a friend to help secure the cabinet onto heavy anchors in the wall but it is well worth the  effort.  Total cost: $75.

Close Up Ikea Rotating Bathroom Shelf

I swapped out the blue shelf lining with marble contact paper left over from a previous project.  It looks fresh and is easy to clean. Remember, it’s easiest to attach the contact paper before you assemble the shelves and cabinet.

Small-space nesters know that Ikea offers so many solutions for cramped corners but to give them a custom look, you need to put a DIY stamp on it! Enjoy.