Renter-Friendly Curtain and Craft Station Tricks

Photo 1 Wide Curtain - Renter-Friendly Curtain and Craft Station Tricks

Noncommittal Curtain Brackets

Not sure about you, but when I need to install curtains I start to get hives thinking about drills, anchors and hitting one too many studs in the wall.

Working with Command Brand, I found a way to use their removable Large Forever Classic Hooks to hold curtain rods securely and damage-free to the walls. Their designer metal finishes (bronze, nickel and brass)  fit any décor and look expensive. And when I move or change my mind, the brackets leave no footprint behind.


Make sure your curtain rod cradles nicely in the bracket. Bring the Command Brand hook with you to the store and test them out.

Photo 2 Close Up Rod - Renter-Friendly Curtain and Craft Station Tricks

The window treatments are from The graphic print and fresh color liven up my dull home office corner.

Gift Wrap and Craft Station Space Saver

Gift Wrap Wall Removable Hooks

If there is one thing I tend to hoard it has to be designer wrapping paper, preferably the ones imported from Italy or France. I use it for decoupage projects, lining drawers and as picture mats in frames.

Command Brand Large Clear Hook and Dowels

In my tiny NYC apartment, Command Brand Clear Large Hooks and 3/4″ wooden dowels organize rolls of paper vertically on a wall. It is easy to see all of the colors and patterns I have to work with for future projects. The wrapping paper collection also appears as added art on the walls instead of clutter. A win-win.