Rack ‘Em Up!: Removable Shoe Molding Rack

Photo 1 Fur Coat rack - Rack 'Em Up!: Removable Shoe Molding Rack

Shoe Molding Rack 2.0

Always in search of ways to make a project easier to install and more affordable, I revised my original molding shoe rack. Cut 24-inch long pieces of polyurethane decorative molding and paint them with Benjamin Moore Poolside Blue paint. Once dried use a gold paint pen to highlight the curves of the relief pattern.

Photo 2 Side Angle Shoes - Rack 'Em Up!: Removable Shoe Molding Rack

Crown Molding Lite

I buy polyurethane molding from crown-molding.com, and they always ship pretty quickly. With my small miter box and saw, the polyurethane is so much easier to cut than wood.

47322018215128p - Rack 'Em Up!: Removable Shoe Molding Rack

To avoid drilling holes in the wall (the apartment is a rental), use Command Brand large removable picture hanging strips to attach the molding to the wall. One strip holds 16 pounds so estimate using  three to four strips along the back of the molding. Make sure and buy the ones with the Velcro-looking “teeth” so they grab onto the molding. Each 24-inch molding rack holds up to three light pairs of heels.

Look, There’s More

For additional ways to use polyurethane molding in your little nest, check out this unique wall organizer.

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