Pom-Mania: Add Trim to Transform Old Pillows

Red Pom Pom Pillow on Bed

It’s not rocket science, but the magic of a good pom-pom  (these red yarn balls were handmade by Wandering the West on etsy.com) can bring life back to old tired pillows and plain Jane curtains. A little pom trim can help elevate and soften the edges of a boxy studio short on architecture.

PomPom Red Pillow

Pom-Pom Curtains

Yellow Hand Painted Curtains

The easiest, no-sew way to add pom-pom trim to curtain panels is to glue it. Since I added the trim after the curtains were already hung (and felt lazy), I  glued the trim onto the sides of each panel right on the spot, using clothespins to keep them in place as they dried. The local dollar store is the place to buy  clothespins on the cheap.

Close Up Yellow Hand Painted Curtains DIY Clothespins

Let Your Maximalist Flag Fly

I used to be a little timid about revealing my true maximalist design tendencies, especially living in such compact quarters. But after reading Justina Blakeney’s delightful book, The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes, I feel a new found freedom to fully embrace a “more is more, and less is a bore” decorating spirit. The book features one layered room after another, highlighted by global touches, with no apologies. Living in less than 800 square-feet forces you to edit, but layering in small touches like colorful pom-pom trim, can transform a petite abode into a cozy cocoon.