Perky Party Pedestals

Photo 1 Final Wide Cake Plates - Perky Party Pedestals

Just because you live in a tiny nutshell doesn’t mean you can’t throw an unforgettable party in your digs. One sure fire way to impress your guests (and to distract them your lack of real estate) is to present food in the best light by giving them a lift onto cake platters and pedestals. But who has the cabinet space and budget to store a collection of party platters?

Photo 2 Plain Cake Plates - Perky Party Pedestals

Stack white plates gradating in size onto inexpensive egg cups. I like keeping the plates white so they appear seamless but for the holidays gold or red plates will look festive on top of white eggcups pedestal bases. Small white ramekins under the very bottom plate give the stacked plates an extra stable base.

Photo 3 FINAL Close Up Platter - Perky Party Pedestals

To keep your newly-stacked plates safe and secure, use clear Museum Gel. You can find it at places like The Container Store. An added plus is that the gel is reusable and non-toxic.

Photo 4 Closeup Mesum Gel on Cup - Perky Party Pedestals

Even if you can’t cook or bake, displaying store bought baked goods and appetizers on pedestals will make everyone think you’re the hostess of the year!