Feeling Beige

Sherwin-Williams Amazing Gray Color Room

Gloria Vanderbilt once wrote that “decorating is autobiography,” so I guess you could say I am in a bit of a beige mood. The master bedroom is the last room in my beach cottage to get any design attention and changing the flat contractor white walls was first on the to-do list.

One of the biggest misconceptions about small space design is that white walls will make a bedroom appear more spacious, brighter, more relaxing and less cluttered. Here’s the challenge. It takes a tremendous amount of natural light, from dawn to dusk, to make white walls come alive and not appear dead and sterile. In this petite cottage, the master bedroom is located very close to the house next door and although it gets natural light throughout the day, it is filtered and shaded, making the plain white walls look muddied and somewhat dull.

Sad White Bedroom Walls Low Light

Bedroom BEFORE

Painting a relaxing gray-taupe neutral (Sherwin-Williams Amazing Gray) on the walls will make the room feel and look expansive, instead of boxed in. I had Sherwin-WIlliams make the paint color 30% lighter (not whiter), which looks great in the day and at night under incandescent lights. Here is the paint label in case you need it as reference. I will post photos as soon as I finish painting!

Amazing Gray Paint Label Sherwin-Williams

I am a lover of bold colors and Amazing Gray will provide the ideal neutral backdrop for splashes of bright hues and patterns to come into play for an added dose of happy. Stay tuned!