I’ve Got You Pegged: A Timeless Storage Solution

Photo 1 Peg Board - I've Got You Pegged: A Timeless Storage Solution

A Timeless Storage Solution

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, and tired-and-true pegboards really earn their keep in a cramped kitchen. I now understand why Julia Child’s pots and pans pegboard is preserved at the Smithsonian. It’s a timeless storage solution that I have adopted in the kitchen and as a tool organizer in the guest-craft room.

Julia Child Kitchen Pegboard


In my friend’s tiny NYC kitchen, there was an old, faded pegboard left behind by a previous tenant. It was so handy that I did’t want to throw it away. All it needed was a fresh coat of paint in a bold color. Sherwin Williams Verdant Green, left over from a previous project,   gave the kitchen a modern retro feel I was going for.

6 peg board ZZ detail1 - I've Got You Pegged: A Timeless Storage Solution

White Ikea Asker containers hang perfectly on the peg holes and they hold take-out menus, utensils and kitchen knick-knacks.


For a personal touch, decoupage large cardboard letters a local craft store with decorative wrapping paper. Make sure and protect your letters with acrylic sealant to keep them moisture proof.