Peacock Alley

Cropped Fireplace

One way to create unity in a small space is to sprinkle in accessories that are connected by theme, color or texture. Throughout my friend Beth’s studio apartment, I helped add to her growing collection of peacock-inspired home décor. It all started with this romantic embroidered peacock lampshade, which beautifully “crowns” her glass floor lamp in the living room. I love that this shade matches everything.

Cropped Mirror

If you glance to the back of her apartment to a newly decorated dressing area, I hung two plates from Anthropologie. I like the pairing of the peacock’s face with a second plate revealing its feathery tail.

peacock Photo 3 Peacock Plates on Table - Peacock Alley

Next time  take inventory of your space by snapping a few wide shots and see what themes have developed organically on their own. I find that reviewing photos can reveal a space in a fresh way. Look for unexpected places to add one or two accessories that will add style power to your collection or theme.

Happy decorating!