Party in a Nutshell: Guest Coat Rack in the Tub

Guest Coat Rack in Shower

Photo by Gail Owens

Guest Coat Rack in the Tub

I’m throwing a cocktail party in my petite abode in a few weeks, and one of my favorite space-saving tips is to put a portable wardrobe rack in the bathtub for coats. I live in NYC, and it is still very chilly in March. Guests are going to arrive with bulky coats and scarves, and I want to be prepared. I don’t love putting dirty coats on the bed, but there is not an inch to spare in any of the closets. Time to get resourceful.

Rigga Ikea Coat Rack

Shop in the Skinny Section

Since my tub is very narrow, it was hard to find a portable, collapsible rack that would fit. But the ever dependable small-space decor source, Ikea, came to the rescue with the Rigga rack ($12.99).  When not in use, it disassembles easily for skinny storage.

Portable Ikea Wardrobe Rack

I tried using a cheaper plastic and metal model, and it started to bend after a few coats were hung. Invest in an all-steel or metal construction, or it will not be worth the money. No plastic parts please.


• Spray paint clear plastic hangers gold or a fun party color to match your theme. Color blocked hangers look neater.

• Tie large wedding table number cards on each hanger for each coat and guest.

• Place baskets on the bottom to store purses and backpacks.

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OK, now I have to think about the menu…so much to do. Give it a whirl at your next party!