Living in a nut Shell

Hot Shower

Photo 1 Final Shower Curtain - Hot Shower

Adding a new accessory to my home makes me happier than buying a new pair of shoes…and I love my shoes. I had the same shower curtain for a few years (it looked brand new) but it was time for a change.

Photo 2  West Elm Butterfly Curtain - Hot Shower

I picked up the Butterfly Shower Curtain from because it happily coordinated with my existing towels and bathmat. To give it a more personal touch, I tied black grosgrain ribbon on each loop. I always keep a large roll of black ribbon in my decorating kit. It’s cheaper by the roll and I use black ribbon to adorn so many different things.

Photo 3 Closeup Curtain - Hot Shower

I prefer using a fabric shower liner instead of plastic ones. When it gets dirty, it goes in the wash with bleach and it’s as good as new. The plastic ones get moldy so quickly and I always feel bad about throwing a big piece of plastic away. Enjoy!


7_weather stripping frame

I had no idea custom framing was so expensive until I needed a frame for a very large watercolor painting that I bought and love. When the frame options were going to cost more than the art itself I had to hit the pavement in search of a better solution.

I’m thrilled to say I didn’t have to look any further than my local hardware store. I bought aluminum and vinyl door jamb (yes, with a “b”) weather-stripping. The weather-stripping came in a set of three. Two strips measured 84” long and a shorter strip was 36” long. The price was about $15.00.

7_weather stripping frame detail

There are so many different finishes to choose from to match your art like white, nickel, silver, gold, and bronze which is what I decided to go with.

Check out for weather-stripping in a variety of finishes:


My hardware store cut the pieces exactly to the measurements I needed for $5.00 extra and they did it while I waited. Each strip has pre-drilled nail holes so I used extra large upholstery tacks (5/8” wide) in a brushed nickel finish to give my art frame that industrial look.

For a package of 500 tacks be prepared to spend about $46.00. You have to buy them in bulk, but I end up using them for so many different projects so it’s worth it. What can I say…it’s frame-tastic and I came in way under budget!

So Audrey

Photo 1 Audrey - So Audrey

Hard to believe iconic beauty, Audrey Hepburn, was teased as a young girl for being tall, lanky and having large eyes. When I picked up this book, Being Audrey, I fell in love with each illustration and cannot wait to frame some of the images in a little girl’s room…especially the one with Audrey and her dog. Children will be inspired by reading the story of Audrey’s life illustrated in watercolor.

Photo 2 Bike - So Audrey

The handcrafted Audrey pin I recently bought in Korea is a reminder that she was beloved all over the world.

Photo 3 Pin - So Audrey

You can get the same look by printing a favorite Audrey image onto a fabric transfer sheet. Iron on the transfer onto silk or cotton and sew it into a small pillow pin.

Details, Details!

details Photo 1 Medium Close up Faux Bois Soap in a Dish - Details, Details!

They say “love is in the details,” and it was certainly love at first sight when I received a box of wood-grain, “faux bois” soaps from

They are the perfect guest soap size and they smell heavenly…with just the right touch of grapefruit, clementine and green tea. I keep the soaps in my Nigella Lawson measuring cup, which sits on my white resin, wood-textured “stump” in my bathroom. It’s the littlest things that can make you smile.

details Photo 2 Wood Grain Bag 3CBA - Details, Details!

I also recently discovered these wonderful hand-printed, wood-grain wedding favor bags in muslin at

Pair them with these soaps, and you’ve got a memorable gift for all of your guests.

Happy decorating!

Cranky Crafter

cc 01 - Cranky Crafter

I don’t know about you but I hate the words craft, crafty, or crafter. Luckily, sites like are showcasing craft as a hip art form.

I recently discovered a tool called the Fiskars Crank Hand Drill that instantly changed the way I create home accessories. The product claims it drills a clean hole in paper, plastic and even metal. It is under $20 so I thought I would give it a whirl.

cc 02 - Cranky Crafter

I dusted off an old metal candelabra, which never had enough holes to hang a stylish cluster of crystals, and put the hand drill to work. I was shocked how easily and perfectly the drill pierced the metal. I made perfect holes all around my candelabra and was able to hang the vintage crystals my mother had given me.

cc 03 - Cranky Crafter

My next project is to transform a Lucite jewelry box with six drawers with new drawer pulls.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying my candelabra all over again

cc 04 - Cranky Crafter

Give it a whirl in your home. Enjoy!