The Best In Show: Making a Trophy Collection Pop

Living in a Nutshell Vintage Trophy CollectionRemember that trophy you got in high school for crossing the finish line in record time or for bowling the county league to their first championship?

Living in a Nutshell Vintage Trophy Collection Pop of Color

Painted Trophies

Everyone has a trophy they hate to throw away but don’t know what to do with. I transformed some inexpensive plastic trophies and painted them turquoise for a more kitschy-pop effect. Now they are whimsical pieces of “faux” sculpture that would look great on a bookshelf or dressing a mantel.

Extend a Vintage Collection with Faux Trophies

Try mixing in newly-painted “statuary” with a collection of vintage beauty pageant trophies. It’s an affordable way to extend the size of a more valuable antique collection. My pageant trophies are from the 40s and 50s, and they are actually hard to come by,  so the plastic stand-ins with a pop of color give the sparse collection presence and added personality.


For a “Best in Show” dog trophy collection, think about painting affordable plastic versions in a glossy white. They would look really chic standing as a group in a library or a kid’s room. Look out for trophies of all kinds at flea markets and yard sales. They are everywhere.

Look, There’s More

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