Make Your Own Camellia Wreath: Use What You Have


DIY Camellia Wreath

Use-What-You-Have Christmas

This Christmas I wanted to get an early jump on holiday decorating. I couldn’t find an outdoor wreath that I liked and truly did not want to pay $30 on up for one that I would be tired of looking at after the season wraps. I love the look of a live wreath and looked around the garden for inspiration. The camellia bush was bountiful and ready to bud, and the holly bush was already red with berries.  Time to use what I have. Here we go.

Close Up Camellia Wreath

Easy Tips

• Use your discount coupon for Michaels or Joann Fabrics and buy a metal wreath frame.

• Cut camellia branches with buds attached and cover the entire frame. Secure branches from the back with green twine or floral wire. Make sure the raw ends of the wire are tucked in so they will not scratch the surface of your door or wall.

•  Cut holly berries and secure them between the camellia leaves.

• If hanging outside in the sun, make sure and water your wreath daily or every other day. I take the hose and give it a spritz of water from the back. So far it still looks fresh.

• If the wreath starts to fade before Christmas, it is easy enough to add more berries or swap out the browning leaves.

• It takes a lot of branches and greenery to cover a small 12″ wreath so make sure you choose a plant in the garden that is overgrown and won’t suffer from a little trim.