Hold On: Magazine Holder Clutch Purse Organizer

Wood Ikea Magazine Holder Purse Organizer

See Everything You Have At a Glance

Keeping a small closet organized is no easy feat. The key to organizing success is to be able to see everything you have at a glance to get dressed quickly without a meltdown. In the past I stacked closed boxes and baskets on closet shelves, which looked neat and tidy from afar until I had to find something quickly.

Wooden Ikea Magazine File Holders

Corralling Clutches

I needed an inexpensive organizing solution for my growing collection of clutch purses, wallets and sunglass holders. Wooden magazine and file holders from Ikea were the perfect solution.  They keep my purses upright, easy to view and ready to grab on the go They take up very little space on a closet shelf, and you can organize by color.

Clear Acrylic Magazine File Holders from Container Store

Clear acrylic magazine file holders from the Container Store are also a super chic way to organize your purses if the budget allows.

Target Threshold Gold Magazine Holder

Gold metal magazine file holders from Target look fresh and can hold up under heavy use, unlike plain cardboard versions.


Paint the inside of the wooden magazine file holders a bright pop of color. A colorful backdrop makes it easier to pick out a particular purse in a crowd of purses, especially if they are all black.

Happy organizing!