Little Things

Photo 1 Hermes Scarf - Little Things

Decorating a home that is layered with art, mementos and fabric collected over time sets a mood that is instantly warm and inviting. I love to walk into a space that tells a story about that person and I enjoy uncovering the special small moments of their lives.

So this week’s blog is dedicated to adding little decorative details throughout your home that reflect a part of your personality or personal history. I added a vintage Hermès scarf to the top of my hand-me-down dress form because I lost the original finial that filled the top. Now, I love my mannequin even more because it displays a favorite scarf that I bought during my travels—my very first Hermès.

Photo 2 Erasers - Little Things

On my desk, a simple collection of erasers fills up a vintage glass apothecary jar. This grouping of found objects as ordinary as erasers makes me so happy and hints to my quirky personal side.