Layer Up a Petite Boudoir

Photo 1 Die Cut Layer - Layer Up a Petite Boudoir

A More-is-More Design Approach

When it comes to decorating in tight quarters, I take a more-is-more approach. Layering with colors, patterns and textures creates a feeling of depth and warmth in a space that may be short on character and square inches.

Photo 2 Close Up Painting - Layer Up a Petite Boudoir

Layer in Depth and Dimension

My Ed Ruscha inspired painted canvas looks playful front and center above the bed on top of paper die-cut panels (designed by Tord Boontje)  hung above my bed. Mix in layers of contrasting design eras and styles for added dimension in a shoebox. If you look closely, the paper panels feature sweet cutout bunnies, deer and flowers, which stand out against the modern typography in the painting.


Sit with your new layered design for a day or two. Snap a photo for a fresh perspective and then edit.