Layering Your Lair: Add Depth to a Petite Pad

2_layering rugs_dog2

Layer, Layer, Layer

In a shrunken studio, you need to make every inch count! Layer small spaces like you would an outfit to create dimension, interest and texture. Flexible layers customize a standard space without appearing as clutter. Just remember to edit, edit, edit. You’ll be surprised how warm and inviting layers can add to your nutshell of a space. Think cashmere, silk, sisal, velvet and shearling.

1_wallpaper bed_detail

Layer Your Rugs

Don’t forget the floor. A larger rug in my friend’s tiny studio loft casts the illusion that the room is larger than its four walls. But there was only room in the budget for a smaller 4×6′ wool rug. The solution: layer an inexpensive shearling (under $40) from Ikea on top and place it at an angle. Together the two rug pieces make a grander statement.


Remember to rotate your layers to keep things looking and feeling fresh and new. Take a photo with your phone, step back for a fresh perspective and edit.

Check out my favorite way to layer a room with pillows. That’s the fun part about design without commitment. Cheers!