Laid Out in Lavender: Perfect Shade for Petite Dressing Room

Lavendar Wall

NYC Foyer Turned French Dressing Room

I just love this phrase because it means showing something in the best possible light, and that’s exactly why I decided to use a gray-lavender paint for a French inspired dressing room.  The space is actually my friend’s foyer in her NYC apartment. We’re turning half of it into a badly needed dressing area. The design is still a work in progress, but we’re off to a great start!

Before Small Foyer

Foyer Before

The Final Three Color Contenders

I have an aversion to pastels so finding the perfect shade of lavender took a little trial and error. My first go-to color resource was the 2010 color issue in House Beautiful magazine.  House Beautiful says, “lavender is the new beige,” because it is actually a neutral color that plays nicely with so many different shades on the color wheel. I bought paint samples of three Benjamin Moore lavender shades that I fell in love with: Sanctuary, Wisteria and Violet Mist. I used Sanctuary on the walls and will use the other colors as accents for some of the accessories that I am making for the room.

laid out Photo 3 Color Test Palette 50A2 - Laid Out in Lavender: Perfect Shade for Petite Dressing Room

Best Lavender for Low Light Spaces

The dressing room gets very little natural light, but Sanctuary looks wonderful in incandescent light as well as sunlight. This paint color doesn’t look too pastel pink and isn’t too gray either. The color makes the little nook feel very cozy and calm, not to mention how flattering it is to the skin. It is perfect.

Set the Mood With Lavender

They say color is energy with the power to change your mood, and purples have the power to enhance compassion in your space towards family and friends. Just an added bonus to the way it can beautify your space. Try lavender in small doses… on picture frames or on a jewelry box. Pairing lavender with black can also make a very modern statement.

Check  out how I used lavender in a very chic kids room here. Give it a try!