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5_adapter recess lighting

I never knew I could do anything about the ugly recessed light in my hallway, especially being a renter. I’ve read a lot about the new recessed light conversion kits that are available out there so I put them to the test. They all promise that the conversion is as easy as changing a light bulb, requires no tools or rewiring. Kind of sounded too good to be true.

5_adapter recess lighting_how to

The kits range from as low as $25.99 to as high as $45.00. I ordered one from Lowe’s for around $35.00  and I was very disappointed. The metal was very cheap looking and the screw that lets you adjust the length of the electric cord was assembled too tightly. I could never get the light plate to sit flush to the ceiling. I returned the kit right away and ordered a slightly more expensive model from Ballard Designs, which I just love.

All you do is wrap the cord around an adaptor, adjust to the exact length that you need, and then it screws into a light socket. I used a wool felt lampshade that ties around the pendant lamp, which I embellished with cutout butterflies that were glued on (used Magna Tac glue for fabric). Make sure and use a shade that is specific to a pendant lamp so that it hangs correctly. I have to say it was easy and so satisfying…and even more of a bonus that I can take it with me to my next petite pied-à-terre.