Hot Shower

Photo 1 Final Shower Curtain - Hot Shower

Adding a new accessory to my home makes me happier than buying a new pair of shoes…and I love my shoes. I had the same shower curtain for a few years (it looked brand new) but it was time for a change.

Photo 2  West Elm Butterfly Curtain - Hot Shower

I picked up the Butterfly Shower Curtain from because it happily coordinated with my existing towels and bathmat. To give it a more personal touch, I tied black grosgrain ribbon on each loop. I always keep a large roll of black ribbon in my decorating kit. It’s cheaper by the roll and I use black ribbon to adorn so many different things.

Photo 3 Closeup Curtain - Hot Shower

I prefer using a fabric shower liner instead of plastic ones. When it gets dirty, it goes in the wash with bleach and it’s as good as new. The plastic ones get moldy so quickly and I always feel bad about throwing a big piece of plastic away. Enjoy!