Gold Standard: Add Shimmer With Gold Leaf Furniture Feet

Gold Leaf Feet on Armoire

The Shimmer of Gold Leaf Enlarges the Look of a Small Space

Metallic finishes are a tiny home’s secret weapon, and the shimmer of gold leaf on furniture feet adds shimmer to a cramped spot.   Gold accents reflect light around the room, and the glow makes a space feel bigger. A few weeks ago I revamped my old, ebony black armoire into a cheery yellow, chalk-painted and waxed wonder. Admittedly, I ran out of steam and left the feet as is until now. Sometimes I like to give myself a moment, live with a newly painted piece, and figure out what design direction to take next.

Armoire Before Gold Leaf Feet

Before Gold Leaf

Hollywood Regency Theme

Gold-brass hardware added a touch of Hollywood Regency glamour to the armoire, and the idea of adding gold leaf to the feet was a match made in design heaven.  I opted for the deeper shine of gold leaf rather than gold paint. All you need are gold foil sheets and gilding adhesive to get the look.

Gold Feet Materials

Gold Leaf Basics

Brush on a thin layer of gilding adhesive and let it dry until it starts to feel tacky (about a 45-minute wait). If the layer is too thick, the uneven texture will reveal itself under the gold foil. When the surface is sticky to the touch, carefully place a sheet of foil over the feet and gently rub. Each gold leaf sheet will come with a piece of tissue paper that will allow you to guide the foil into place.

Close Up Gold Leaf Feet on Armoire

Use a soft brush and cotton balls to wipe off the excess gold foil and burnish the surface so it really shines. Give it a whirl!


Protect the gold leaf feet with a layer of clear acrylic sealer.