Peek-a-Boo Privacy: Front Door Camouflage

Final Color Correct Door

Every tiny space I have ever lived in came with privacy issues ranging from Peeping Tom neighbors,  being too close street side or wanting to hide a hideous view.

Privacy Window That Lets The Light In

In my current cottage, the glass front door needed a clever cover-up without blocking out morning rays. I opted out of hanging a curtain on the door. The room needed  a streamlined look and I didn’t want to worry about keeping fabric clean.

Removable privacy film on the entire glass door blocked out too much light for my taste.  After removing the window film from one pane of glass,  I decided to paint a design on the pane with white chalk paint and frosted window paint.

Chalk Painted Frosted Privacy Glass



Use painter’s tape and block off a geometric design. Paint 2 layers of white chalk paint on the untaped, negative space of the design. Let dry and remove tape.

Reposition painter’s tape to reveal and border the unpainted or positive space of the design. Paint two layers of Martha Stewart’s Frost Etching Effect paint. If you make a mistake, the frosted paint  cleans up easily with soap and water as long as it is still wet. You have about a 10-minute window. Two layers of the frosted paint gave the window the right amount of coverage while letting all of the glorious sunlight in.


To remove the frosted paint effect permanently, use glass cleaner and a razor to scrape off  stubborn spots.