Take a Seat! Turn a Chair Into a Storage Caddy

Chair Rack Small File

Multi-Tasking Chairs

Sigmund Freud once said that “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” but to me a chair can be so much more than just a chair. Chairs can be a coat rack, standing sculptural art, or a bookcase. My favorite way to  use a chair is as a chic storage caddy to display and organize your favorite shoes.

Looking for the Perfect Chair

I fell in love with the frame of this wonderful vintage chair from Le Home Brooklyn. It displays up to a dozen pairs of shoes in about one-square foot of space. When you shop look out for flea market chairs that have the stretcher bars on the bottom for an additional shoe storage layer.  In a petite bedroom or cramped foyer,  this is a skinny storage solution that is easy to keep neat and tidy.


Add clear rubber chair pads along the seat frame to keep shorter kitten heels from slipping.