If You Can’t Hide It, Flaunt your Lamp Cords!

Small Crystal Chandelier

Make Your Lights Posh and Portable

Don’t pull the plug on unsightly lamp cords! Instead, you can turn these eyesores into unexpected modern design features. First, make your lights portable. I took this chandelier to my local hardware store, and for $20 had them rewire it with a regular plug-in cord. This way you can always take your lighting with you. Plus, you don’t have to deal with electricians or drilling holes in walls or ceilings!

Lamp Cords in Every Color

Color Cord Company

Color Cord Company

Wrap your lamp cord with ribbon (as I did on a shoestring budget) to really stand out or choose from an array of vibrant colors and patterns as  a wonderful accent to your lighting.

color cord co.

Color Cord Company

I also used a sisal rope lamp cord for the dining nook, which gives the beach cottage a casual yet chic vibe. So flaunt it. Don’t hide it!