Paper Pillow: Felt Appliqué From a Wallpaper Template

2 Felt Applique Pillows - Paper Pillow: Felt Appliqué From a Wallpaper Template

Wallpaper Pillow Inspiration

Inspiration for design can come from many places….even your wallpaper! I love the design of this flora and fauna wallpaper by Schumacher and decided to use it as a template for felt appliqué pillows. Using remnants left over from wallpapering my friend’s loft, I cut out individual birds and flowers as a guide for my felt.

Schumacher Chenonceau in Fawn Wallpaper

Schumacher Chenonceau in Fawn

You can also download images from the web and enlarge them in photoshop. Don’t worry if the images becomes pixelated because you will only use them as an outline template.

Close Up Applique Felt PIllow - Paper Pillow: Felt Appliqué From a Wallpaper Template

How-To Tips

•  Buy 1/2 yard of wool or cotton felt for the appliqué pieces. With felt you won’t have frayed ends and threads to deal with later.

• Pin paper cutouts to the felt and cut fabric shapes carefully.  It helps to use embroidery or manicure scissors for precise cutting around tight corners in the design.

• Cut two pieces of pillow fabric to fit your pillow form or insert. Fold one piece of the fabric in half and then in quarters. You want to create a center horizontal and vertical guide line. Press with an iron. These lines will help center and align the overall appliqué design.

066374 - Paper Pillow: Felt Appliqué From a Wallpaper Template

• Pin your felt appliqué pieces (or use light layer of spray mount) onto the fabric pillow and use a running stitch to attach them to the pillow. If you do not sew,  use a light dab of Fabri-Tac glue (just along  the edges) to adhere pieces to the front of your pillow. This glue is washable, dries clearly and only costs about $5 for a 4 oz bottle. Test glue on a fabric scrap to make sure the glue does not bleed and leave a mark.

I am thrilled to have a pillow that is so personal and so beautiful. Pillows are the quick change accessories of the small space design world.  Check out more of my favorite DIY pillow projects here.