Faux Real!

Cropped Chalboard DoorI am a girl who is always on the lookout for a good upgrade whether it’s a seat on a plane or a designer pair of heels. I love the faux chalk door I did last week, but since I was not born with a “super power” to draw beyond stick figures, I looked for a good fake-out.


I found this picture frame at Daffy’s in NY (a hit-or-miss discount store in Manhattan), and decided to paint it with the remaining black chalkboard paint. Once dried, I used chalk to outline the scrolls and wonderful swirls the frame had to offer. It was an instant hit and so easy! It blends into the door, so it looks as if I drew the scrolls by hand!

7_chalkboard paint door_detail

Because my front door is metal, I glue little magnets to the back of the frame so it’s portable chic. Stay tuned and remember to keep your designs flexible. You never know when a good upgrade might show up at your front door! Give it a whirl!!