Faux Fireplace on Wheels for Cramped Living Rooms

Cropped Fireplace - Faux Fireplace on Wheels for Cramped Living Rooms

Create a Focal Point with a Faux Fireplace

Let’s face it, most small spaces are also featureless shoeboxes without any architectural interest to speak of. Adding a faux fireplace to a cramped living room creates an immediate focal point, deflecting attention from its shortcomings.

Wheels Up

Attach wooden caster wheels to the bottom of a faux fireplace and you increase its height and its flexibility in a small home.  On wheels, the mantel has a get-up-and-go portability factor. It can be easily rolled into the dining nook or bedroom when the mood strikes.

Add Faux Candle Glow

Light up your faux fireplace with lots of battery-operated candles.   Invest in the ones that flicker and have a timer so you can program it to turn on when you come home.

Jumbo Metal Ball and Jacks


For a bit of whimsy, how about adding faux Ball and Jacks andirons? Metal balls and jacks from the craft store stand in as unexpected sculpture in a fireplace.