Don’t be Tardy for the Party!

Tardy Photo 1 Cocktail Party Couple - Don't be Tardy for the Party!

So what if your home feels like it’s no bigger than a postage stamp. Summer is the perfect time to pull out all of the stops and host your own mini-cocktail party—even if it’s standing room only. Make “small” the big theme of your party from the invites to the size of the cocktails. That way everyone will get a kick out of the cramped quarters, and you’ll feel less pressure or embarrassment when guests mistake your bedroom for the coat closet.

Here are some “tried-and-true” party tips that have helped SUPER-SIZE the fun factorat my petite parties in the past:

Tardy Photo 2  Chair - Don't be Tardy for the Party! 1. If you’re worried about seating, you can ask guests to BYOC—Bring Your Own Chair! It can add an unexpected surge of energy to the entire evening. You can ask guests to keep the chairs little, portable and challenge them to get creative. Love cardboard ones like this one from
Tardy Photo 3 mini martini glasses details - Don't be Tardy for the Party! 2. Create a signature cocktail for the evening, which always makes guests feel special. Be sure to serve it up in miniature martini glasses. I get mine from Ikea because they are so affordable.
Tardy Photo 4 Mirror  - Don't be Tardy for the Party! 3. Use mirror magic all around your diminutive digs. Buy a few inexpensive glass tiles from home improvement stores and place them under candles, plates and platters to reflect light and add sparkle to the evening.
Tardy Photo 5 Butlers Table - Don't be Tardy for the Party! 4. Roll out your bar in any corner of the room. Just invest in an inexpensive folding butler’s tray table like this one from CB2. When the party’s over, you can fold it up and hide it under your bed. Folding luggage racks also do the trick. Just place a large sturdy tray on top to hold ice and drinks.
Tardy Photo 6 Fingerplates - Don't be Tardy for the Party! 5. Serve mini-appetizers that you can balance on these delightful fingerplates from CB2.
Tardy Photo 7 Lazy Susan - Don't be Tardy for the Party! 6. Put a lazy Susan to work and display cheese and crackers on marble platters that can spin to serve guests even in tight corners.