Light Bulb Moment: Revamping an Old Lamp

Vintage Light Sconce Wrapped With String Lights

Every small space benefits from a layer of sparkle and shine. Here’s a way to do it on a dime with simple patio string lights!

Old Sconce Lights On

Dress-Up Lighting

Once you get the practical task and fill lights set in your space, it’s time layer in dress-up lighting that can come from candles or string lights; their sole purpose is to sprinkle a space with a little glow and a hint of glamour.

Vintage Sconce Before


Shopping the Family Vault

Gathering dust in my mother’s garage was a box full of vintage lighting that she had collected from the 40s, 50s and 60s.  My eye went right to a well-worn wall sconce that was missing a hanging lantern. I didn’t want to spend the time or money to rewire it, so I wrapped a string of lights from Target and gave it a new home.

Target String Light bulbs


• Since the sconce was gold, spray paint the light cord the same color gold (without the light bulbs screwed in) to keep it camouflaged. Place a painter’s tape over the socket opening to keep paint from seeping in. Each bulb socket includes a clip, which makes it easy to attach the lights to the branches of the sconce.

• To magnify the shine from the lights, consider hanging the sconce in front of a large mirror in a foyer or living room.

• Plug the string lights into a plug-in dimmer for extra control over mood lighting.