To the Letter: Monogram Vintage Train Case

Train Case Small File

Chic Undercover Storage

Whenever I discover a storage idea that is chic and on-the-cheap, I just have to share. 1950s and 40s vintage train and cosmetic cases are stylish enough to keep out in the open on a dresser or bathroom shelf. They also hide the bulkier beauty products, brushes and hair dryers undercover yet keeping everything accessible. Find them at flea markets, resale shops and for under$40.

A vintage piece like this gives a small, ho-hum room a sense of history.  I imagine a young woman in the 50s, à la Grace Kelly, hopping on a train looking for romance and adventure in the big city, holding onto her train case with so much promise.

letter Photo 2 Woman on Train - To the Letter: Monogram Vintage Train Case

letter Photo 4 Closeup Train Case - To the Letter: Monogram Vintage Train Case

Personalize it with a DIY Monogram

Give the train case a personal touch and attach inexpensive brass letter brads (you scrapbookers out there know how great brads are) for an instant monogram that costs less than $2.00.

Brads - To the Letter: Monogram Vintage Train Case

The case was too thick to poke the brads all the way through so I just glued them on.


Make sure the used cases are clean from major stains inside, or think about re-lining the interior with your own fabric.

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Happy trails…and decorating, of course.