InkJet Printed Pillows

Medium Wide DIY Laser Print Pillows

Custom Pillows From Your Inkjet Printer

It was time to purge some of the custom pillows I made from my collection. My sister and I organized a sample sale of inkjet and fabric transfer pillows made from silk and linen.  I realized how much I rely on fabric transfer paper as my personal atelier.  One way to keep your petite pad from looking like a cookie-cutter shoe box is to add custom pillows to the space.


Fabric transfer images look extra chic printed onto textured shantung silk. The transferred images reveal the nubbiness of the shantung, appearing a bit distressed and faded. To soften the stiff texture of a photo image on cotton or silk, try draping silk chiffon over the image for a nice effect as you can see in the pillow below.

Silk DIY Fabric Transfer Pillow

Use Avery T-Shirt Transfer Paper for inkjet printers because it is available everywhere. Once you tackle the basics of fabric transfer, you’ll discover lots of ways to add a custom stamp on an entire range of accessories and art.

It is sad to see these pillows go but hopefully they will help make someone else’s space feel like a home.