DIY Designer Placemat Pillows

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Cheap Pillow Talk

No, it’s nothing dirty, and it won’t make you feel guilty in the morning! I just couldn’t wait to share my great find for designer pillows you can make yourself for a lot less.

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Designer Linens For Less

I love the DWELL STUDIO home design collection, which you can find at higher-end home stores and on their website But their linen pillow line starts at around $100. Instead,  it’s time to shop in the kitchen department. I noticed a set of four DWELL linen placemats were selling for $34.99 on I snapped them up.

How-To Tips

Look for placemats that are fabric front and back, sewn and not glued together. As luck would have it, placemats fit the dimensions of a pillow form perfectly. Open one seam, slip in the pillow form and hand stitch closed, or ask your local dry cleaner to sew in a zipper closure.

Look, There’s More

Pillows are the quick-change artists of the small-space design world. Click here for some more unique pillow projects you can do yourself.