Sacked: Burlap Covers For Metal Pantry Shelving

Burlap Cover USE

Burlap: Working Woman’s Linen

To me burlap is the working woman’s linen.  With its friendly price tag of $3 (or less) per yard, you can add a touch of French, rustic charm to any petite space without breaking the bank.

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 5.28.01 PM

When I relocated my wire-shelving tower* from the kitchen to the guest bedroom/craft room,  I stocked it to the brim with messy art supplies. The open-shelving started to look like clutter. To keep the bins undercover when not in use, I sewed a burlap cover that incorporated salvaged fabric left over from past projects.

FInal Close Up Burlap with Sunlight

Vintage Grain Sack Cover Art

A vintage French grain sack from ebay, became the front feature of this pantry shelving cover. Black and white-striped seersucker fabric and a few yards of burlap for the back and sides filled in the gaps and pulled the cover all together.

Canvas Garment Rack Cover  - Sacked: Burlap Covers For Metal Pantry Shelving

No-Sew Alternative

If sewing is not your thing, look for pre-fab canvas garment rack covers like this one from Target and embellish it with fabric paint or trim to boost your decor.  To custom fit the cover to the size of your rack, you can fold, pin or clamp excess fabric along the seams from the inside.  Give it a whirl!

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