Details, Details!

details Photo 1 Medium Close up Faux Bois Soap in a Dish - Details, Details!

They say “love is in the details,” and it was certainly love at first sight when I received a box of wood-grain, “faux bois” soaps from

They are the perfect guest soap size and they smell heavenly…with just the right touch of grapefruit, clementine and green tea. I keep the soaps in my Nigella Lawson measuring cup, which sits on my white resin, wood-textured “stump” in my bathroom. It’s the littlest things that can make you smile.

details Photo 2 Wood Grain Bag 3CBA - Details, Details!

I also recently discovered these wonderful hand-printed, wood-grain wedding favor bags in muslin at

Pair them with these soaps, and you’ve got a memorable gift for all of your guests.

Happy decorating!